Darek (juggleboy720) wrote in rusticovertones,

Two More Shows Added and news from WCYY

From a Rustic Myspace bulletin:
2 new shows have been added in Portland, ME on August 4th (21+) and August 5th (All Ages). Both will be at the Asylum tickets will be available immediately at all Bull Moose Music locations as well as the Asylum box office. Support acts to be announced soon.

And from a WCYY email:
To celebrate the Rustic Overtones reunion, we're gonna be playing live tracks from days of yore on the ol' CYY patio starting on Friday!

On Friday afternoon, listen to the Top 5 at 5 with Rob. You'll hear the world debut of the new RUSTIC OVERTONES song, and...

...in a completely unrelated topic, there will be a very special Rustic Overtones Announcement, which will have nothing to do with the theme of our special patio show weekend on CYY.

Rustic Overtones is part of CYY Summer Camp 2007. In one, two, maybe three different ways...
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